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Surveying 1,503 participants on 1/8/2023, the study reveals bullish sentiment with 69% of investors purchasing meme coins.
Despite 69% of meme coin buyers citing amusement as their primary motive, 79% still view meme coins with long-term potential.

Chainplay’s 2023 study, unveils global investor sentiments and behaviors around memecoins.

Investor Trends:
A survey of 1,500 participants shows a split, with 69% embracing memecoins and 31% steering clear. While 69% purchase for amusement, a surprising 79% consider memecoins long-term investments with profit potential.

Perception Shifts:
The study reveals pervasive skepticism (70%) about memecoin legitimacy. However, investors persevere, navigating uncertainties. A significant 73% equate memecoin investments to gambling.

Newcomer Attraction:
20% of cryptocurrency participants entered the space through memecoins, emphasizing their role in onboarding newcomers. 32% of memecoin investors boast less than a year of crypto market experience, highlighting the trend’s appeal to novices.

Market Impact and Growth:
Memecoins collectively boast a market capitalization exceeding USD 17 billion, emphasizing their influence. Certain memecoins lead in growth, creating a diverse ecosystem competing for market share.

It is important for participants in the space to conduct thorough research on projects before getting involved, while also recognizing that every coin is different.

Understanding topics like supply, admin functions, audits, market cycles and so forth can provide an edge to the early adopter. It is important to always do your own research and not purchase more than you are willing to lose.

While Memecoins are very exciting and fun to be a part of knowing which projects to be involved with and which to avoid is crucial.

What is MACKE?

Macke is a low supply memecoin that is audited by Chainalysis. There are no admin functions meaning its fully decentralized and unstoppable.

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